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8 thoughts on “Purchase Information

  1. Barry says:

    Hey Chris, Congrats on the book–it sounds great. I ordered 4 copies–can’t wait to take the journey with Dumisai.

  2. Patricia says:

    I have my book downloaded on my eReader and ready to go! It is about time that a book that cherishes our African culture became available. Keep using your gift to enlighten and inspire our path.

    In the image of our Creator,


  3. Kai ner Maa says:

    Thank you for this contribution to the spirit of our culture…It is truly appreciated…

    Kai ner Maa

  4. roger olds says:

    chris, if i order an ebook, can i read it on my laptop? do i need software? roger

    • You will need software for your laptop. Depending on which version you download, the software could be free (i.e., the Nook version is in the EPUB format, so there is software called Adobe Digital Edition that can be downloaded which will allow you to read it). Also, depending on which version you download, you may have an App on your phone that allows you to read it (e.g., if you downoad from smashwords.com).

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