Preview #4

Excerpted from Chapter 14: Homecoming:

Dumisai picked himself up off the ground and began walking. He wandered aimlessly at first, searching the distance for the horizon or any sign of life that might possibly exist. Finally, a break in the light appeared. It seemed to be fraying at the ends, becoming white streaks which trailed off into darkness. Before he could determine what was happening, most of the white light suddenly vanished. It had been replaced by the soft, wispy streaks of a nebulous cloud-like substance that was far away but still clearly visible. The cloud formation was shaped like a circular disc which brought to mind some cosmic whirlpool whose movement had somehow become suspended against the black backdrop of space. Sprinkled throughout the spiraling nebula were star clusters alternating between streaks of winding dust lanes. At its center was a bright yellow nucleus radiating light outward into the surrounding abyss. Except for the spiral formation, Dumisai was suddenly and completely abandoned to the desolate void of space where his body was left to float aimlessly through the unbounded expanse as if some mysterious power was in charge of directing his odyssey. He drifted away from the disc-shaped billow until he eventually noticed several more spiral formations scattered throughout the vast black chasm surrounding him. He was stunned by the sheer beauty of the heavenly formations. The magnificent cosmic designs were decorated with tiny spheres of bright light. Each one a unique example of spectacular artistry as if it had been purposely placed there on display by a master artisan showcasing his craft. Dumisai marveled at the sight which had captivated his attention with its breathtaking beauty. After several moments of being suspended in wonder, a slight force began to tug gently at his body as though it was beckoning for him to return. Even though he did not want to leave, he didn’t offer any resistance. He allowed the gentle force to guide his movement on to some unknown destination…


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