Plot Summary

Dumisai And The Covenant Of The Ancestors

Dumisai, a first generation American-born child of African immigrants, discovers that he has been chosen to wield an awesome power. He soon realizes however, that with his new found power comes a tremendous responsibility. If he is to keep this power that is called the Gift of Great Consequence, he will have to put it to good use. In his search to understand the meaning of the Gift, Dumisai is told by the village elders that he represents the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and has been chosen to help rescue the world from its deliberate path toward disaster. In his quest to fulfill the prophecy, Dumisai discovers that his life must forever change as he sets a course to fulfill his destiny.

Dumisai and the Covenant of the Ancestors is a story about a boy who is forced to come of age in the harsh reality of an unforgiving and often violent world. He must learn to apply the Gift of Great Consequence which has been entrusted to him for the betterment of the world and all its inhabitants. Embarking on a journey that has been rarely traveled and in step with his traditional African beliefs, Dumisai must straddle the threshold between the mysterious spirit realm and an unreceptive material reality. Before he can embark on his mission, he must first undergo manhood initiation rites where he will receive special instructions about life. This secret knowledge must be used in conjunction with the Gift if he is to have any hope of success. Join Dumisai in the adventure of a lifetime which takes him on a journey of self-discovery through the often confusing world of adolescence and into the responsibility of manhood.


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