Cast of Characters


 A child born in America to African immigrants who discovers that he has been chosen to wield the power known as the Gift of Great Consequence. Dumisai learns that he represents the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and must apply the use of the Gift for the benefit of the world.


 A‘Diviner’ and the village spirit worker. Manzalele is skilled in occult science and helps to train Dumisai in the knowledge of the secrets which bind all life together in the universe.


 Dumisai’s deceased grandmother whose influence upon him while growing up was immeasurable. She shared a special bond with Dumisai and had been his primary teacher of things supernatural before her death.

 Baba Kenje

 One of the village elders. Baba Kenje is well-respected among the other elders and liked by everyone in the village. Dumisai relies heavily upon his wit and wisdom for guidance since the passing of his grandmother Lueji.


 An ancestor who has returned from the spirit world in the form of a Spirit Guide to help guide and protect Dumisai during his journey. Áfu represents the guardian ancestor that intercedes on behalf of the individual it is assigned to protect.


 The ancestor who initially prophesied the coming of one who would wield the power of the Gift.


 Headman in charge of the Mukanda initiation/rites of passage ceremony.


 Dumisai’s Mother


 Dumisai’s Father


 Bento’s best friend and the Dumisai’s god-father.


 A Mukanda initiation attendant.


 A Mukanda initiation attendant.

 Angela Ward

 She befriends Dumisai and helps him during his trip away from the village.

 Sam Goodman

 He befriends Dumisai and helps him during his trip away from the village.


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