Debut Novel

I decided to re-publish this book based on all the feedback and suggestions that I received. Initially, the edit was only to address some minor details and firm up certain aspects of the plot, however, the more I got into the book, the storyteller inside me could not be contained. I think you’ll like the update! Many thanks to my friends and colleagues for rendering the fantastic artwork! Both Michael Boulware (Enensa Aungkh) on the classic edition as well as Meki Ra Sa Men (Derrick A. Richardson) on the new edition are outstanding artists!

Dumisai and the Covenant of the Ancestors

Dumisai and the Covenant of the Ancestors is the story of an African boy that is born in America and who learns that he has been chosen to wield extraordinary powers which allow him to communicate with animals and manipulate supernatural energies. His attempts to come to grips with what the power represents and how it must be used becomes the setting for him to learn the intricacies and dynamics of life-lessons in the real world.

My goal of writing this story was to provide a hero that African and African-American children could identify with and embrace. Dumisai represents a paradigm shift to the image of the Black male that is often portrayed in the media. He is the type of character that I looked for while growing up but could never find. My intention is to follow-up this story with a sequel which is already in the works. Your comments and feedback are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Debut Novel

  1. S. Enen Tchaas Maa says:

    Hetepu Chris,

    Thanks for writing such a novel for us. Your book and the others on the press in our minds and spirits will help bring back the respect that black men all over the world deserve.


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